Welcome to Brixelo, where Bricks and Pixels combine to make all your dreams come true*!

*assumes you dream of LEGO bricks and pixels

Here at Brixelo, you'll find your favorite 8 bit video game sprites created out of LEGO. There's a lot of great video sprites out there, and a lot of LEGO, so check back often to see if your favorite character has made it!  


LEGO Super Mario Brothers Minus World

10 August 2013

LEGO Mario travles discovers the hidden Super Mario Brothers secret that is Minus World !

LEGO Minus World - 1

New Renders

03 August 2013

A new TMNT 2 render this week, as well as a Super Mario Brothers render!

New Renders Section!

20 July 2013

We now have a renders section showing LEGO renders of classic video games! If you would like to see any of these turned into a video, just use the Facebook "Like" button on the page!

'Tis the Season!

18 December 2012

LEGO Mario and LEGO Koopa Troopa welcome in the festive season with a lovely 8-bit Christmas tree.

Behind you LEGO Samus, behind you!

16 December 2012

LEGO Samus is about to lay waste to a LEGO Ripper, but what’s that behind her?

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